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Patients can self-administer their tests

Monitor and track the progress

Why Test for COVID-19?


Ensuring that your workforce is safe and will remain safe from COVID-19. Stopping the spread early.

Possible Exposure

An employee may have been exposed to COVID-19 and you  need to make sure you don’t have an outbreak at your facility.

Confirmed Positive

One employee at your facility has tested positive and now others need to be tested to be sure the disease has not spread.

A COVID-19 outbreak at your facility could be disastrous to the lives and safety of your employees in addition to momentarily shutting down business. Can you afford two weeks of ZERO productivity?

Sponsor Tests for Your Facility

Take hold of the power of knowing. Get your workforce tested and cleared so that you can SAFELY keep your business on track.

Ways to test:

Test your facility  Once

Has an employee had potential exposure to COVID-19? Or maybe you want to feel confident that your facility is COVID-19 free.

Ensure that your employees feel safe from this pandemic coming to work by sponsoring tests for all employees.

Periodic Testing

Regularly test your entire workforce for COVID-19.

Recommended for employees working with vulnerable populations and essential workers.

Pooling (COMING SOON!)

Test larger groups by pooling individual tests together for when they are processed. Reduce your costs while increasing how many people you test.

*NOTE: Pooled samples with positive results will be re-processed individually.

Protect your workforce! Sponsor testing at your facility

So I’ve Registered, Now What?

The following is a guide of how to use LabDash as a sponsor.

Once you have registered as a sponsor, the lab needs to verify your account. The lab will reach out at this point, if they haven’t already.

Next, as a sponsor, you need to decide HOW testing will be conducted at your facility. The lab representative will work with you to determine what method would be best for your instance.

Based on what plan you’ve created, the lab will release a set of test kits with associated barcodes specific to your facility. 

These barcodes will be attached to the tests that your employees take so a positive test can be identified and the employee notified. 

Prior to testing, each employee who will be taking a COVID-19 test must register as a patient on LabDash.

The sponsor is responsible for distributing the tests that they receive to employees.

Now that they have received their test kit, the employee needs to sign into their LabDash account to link their test kit with their account. 

Make sure that the employee has placed the barcode vertically on the test tube of their kit WITH their initials written on it. This is an important verification procedure. 

The lab will provide instructions on how to get the test kits back to the lab.

While the lab is processing the test kits, from start to finish, sponsors are able to track their facility’s testing progress through their LabDash account.

For each batch of tests, sponsors can see the number of tests they received, the number of collected tests, the number of tests the lab has received, and the number of results that have been uploaded.

Sponsors are able to see how many positive tests there were in a batch.

These results are “de-identified”, meaning they are not linked to a specific barcode or patients. Patients will receive an email when their results are uploaded and only they will know their personal negative/positive status.

Based on medical discrimination laws, the employee is not required to disclose their COVID-19 test results. It is the employer’s responsibility to determine whether a release authorization with the employee is appropriate.

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