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Types of Providers We Serve

Not all healthcare providers will use LabDash in the same ways or for the same reason. 

Public Health Departments

Ideal for community testing of COVID-19. Hosting events such as drive through testing or pop-up clinics.


Primary care physicians and other physician specialty groups who provide COVID-19 testing.

Testing Facilitators

Care providers who are looking to test large groups of people for COVID-19. This may be hospitals or other groups organizing large scale testing events. 

Congregate Living Facilities

This includes facilities such as elderly care facilities,  assisted living for long-term care, or assisted living memory care.

Student Health

Schools looking to test groups for COVID-19.

Sports Medicine

Testing individual sports teams for COVID-19. 

Want testing made easy?

You’ve Registered, Now What?

The following is a guide of how to use LabDash as a provider.

Once you have registered as a provider, the lab needs to verify your account. The lab will reach out at this point, if they haven’t already.

A lab representative will help you to determine how you will incorporate LabDash into your testing process. 

There are two different ways that providers can test. 

Method 1

The typical method is for all patients to register in LabDash, allowing patients to log in to a personal LabDash account. This an effective way for patients to individually receive their results, while the provider is still able to monitor and manage test results as usual.

Method 2

Another option is for the provider to register patients with the provider’s New Patient screen. These patients cannot log in to their own account on LabDash. This is best for providers who want to fully manage their patient accounts. Using this method, the provider must monitor and report all testing and results data to their patients.

With this method, providers will also use a screen called “My New Patients”, where they can view and edit patient accounts, and add dependents to patient accounts if needed.

The provider works with the lab to order and receive test kits. Every test kit comes with a barcode. Following the collection procedure in LabDash allows the barcode to be connected to the patient.

Once the provider has received the test kits, the provider can facilitate tests and gather samples. Depending on the provider’s preference, their patient may self-administer the test or the provider may assist in administering the test with the patient.

Once completed, make sure that the barcode sticker is placed vertically on the test tube of the patient’s kit, with their initials written on it. This is an important verification procedure. 

The lab will provide instructions on how to get the test kits back to the lab.

While the lab is processing the test kits, from start to finish, providers are able to track their testing progress through their LabDash account. Providers will be notified by email instantly when their results are ready.

On the Test Records page, providers can view all of their test records that have been collected into LabDash. Providers can see all tests, when the tests are received at the lab, and any results that have been uploaded.

With the Test Records page, providers can search for specific patient information or test information. This is a HUGE help for providers to gain an understanding of their patient groups. From here they are able to download records and results to share with patients or to enter them into an EMR system.

Administering the Test

BEFORE starting the test, follow these important steps.

Log into LabDash and go to the “Collect Sample” screen.

Patient Identification

Identify who is getting tested. Scan or enter the patient's QR code, or select from a list of your patients. (Note: scanning may not be available on your device.)

Once the QR code is verified, or you have selected a patient from the list, the “Next” button appears - click it to continue.

Getting Barcode

Scan or enter the barcode from the test kit. (Note: scanning may not be available on your device.)

Once the barcode is verified, the “Next” button appears - click it to continue.

Collection Information

Enter your test type, test method, exposure, and symptoms.

When you are finished, click “Submit” to complete this step.

The “Next” button will then appear - click it to continue.

Review and Submit

Review the collection information and make sure it is correct.

Click “Submit Collection” to enter this information into LabDash. This is what will connect the sample barcode to the patient's account.

Now you are ready to collect the sample.

Your Patient is Ready to Collect Their Sample

You have completed the steps above. The following are important steps to ensure your patient takes their test correctly and that the lab receives their kit.

The test consists of a nasal swab, a test tube, a biohazard bag, and a barcode sticker. Use the swab to swab each nostril for at least 10 seconds. Then break the swab off into the test tube. Place the barcode onto the test tube vertically and write the patient’s initials clearly onto a blank part of the test tube. Put the labeled test tube into the sealed bag.

Now the sample is ready to go to the lab!