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Why LabDash?


You are participating in a COVID-19 drive-through test event or pop-up testing clinic. The lab and providers facilitating the event use LabDash to speed up and simplify the process.

Access your results privately and securely as soon as they are available.


At the recommendation of a doctor, you’ve been directed to get tested. 

LabDash is a simple and easy way to get tested and get results once your doctor has ordered your kit.


Whether its for surveillance, a possible exposure instance, or a known positive case at your workplace, an employer may ask you to be tested for COVID-19.

Through LabDash, your employer can sponsor your test and order kits for you and other coworkers.

If You are Self-Administering Your Test

You have a kit and you will be performing the test yourself. BEFORE you start the test, follow these important steps.

Log into LabDash and go to the “Collect Sample” screen.

Patient Identification

Identify who is getting tested by clicking “Collect” under their name.

The “Next” button will then appear - click it to continue.

Sample Barcode

Scan or enter the barcode from your test kit. (Note: scanning may not be available on your device.)

Once the barcode is verified, the “Next” button appears - click it to continue.

Collection Information

Enter your test type, test method, exposure, and symptoms.

When you are finished, click “Submit” to complete this step.

The “Next” button will then appear - click it to continue.

Review and Submit

Review your collection information and make sure it is correct.

Click “Submit Collection” to enter this information into LabDash. This is what will connect your sample barcode to your account.

Now you are ready to collect your sample.

You’re Ready to Collect Your Sample, Now What?

You have completed the steps above. The following are important steps to take your test and ensure that the lab receives your kit correctly.

The test consists of a nasal swab, a test tube, a biohazard bag, and a barcode sticker. Use the swab to swab each nostril for at least 10 seconds. Then break the swab off into the test tube. Place the barcode onto the test tube vertically and write your initials clearly onto a blank part of the test tube. Put the labeled test tube into the sealed bag.

Now your sample is ready to go to the lab! 

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